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- An Amber Alert continues Friday for an 8-month-old girl and her mother, police in Virginia say.Hampton police say 34-year-old Keir Johnson and her daughter Chloe Johnson were last seen on April 30 in the 1900 block of Hastings Drive in Hampton.He's the leader of his SEAL team and has achieved many accomplishments.Yet he can't but feel like something is missing in his life.

A vacancy, that is, until a new book fell into my lap.

At 66 and after a few surgical procedures, she may not have the face she once did (‘My husband says: “Why would I ever cheat on you? ”’) but she clearly still has the body — a point not lost on the makers of the film Joyful Noise, who showcase it at every opportunity.

A kind of southern-style Glee, it tells the story of the Divinity Church Choir in recession-hit Pacashau, Georgia, where the townspeople are counting on it to win the annual Joyful Noise Competition and raise the town’s flagging spirits.

The notion is an intriguing one - after all, it may be over half a century since the gamine star came to our attention in Roman Holiday, but her influence is potent to this day, even though she died more than 15 years ago.

Whether we can actually live like her, however, is quite another matter: aside from the mesmerising God-given bone structure she was born with, Audrey played out her life on the sort of glamorous international stage most of us can only fantasise about as we carry out the weekly shop.