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It revolves around an upper-middle class family whose seemingly perfect existence is threatened when their teenage daughter begins dating an attractive and mysterious young man, much to her father's chagrin. It has since become a cult film, while at the same time launching teen idol status for its two young leads, who were romantically linked at the time of the film's premiere.The film was largely derided by critics upon its release, but became a sleeper hit in the spring of 1996, grossing million at the U. The film is considered by some - including its own producer, Brian Grazer - a loose recollection of Fatal which Wahlberg and Witherspoon have the Glenn Close and Michael Douglas roles, respectively, while Petersen is in Anne Archer's.His emails to his underlings are a case study in rudeness.And, of course, he’s known for summarily firing people who cross him in any way. He’s independently wealthy and so skilled he can always go out and get another job, and therefore has zero fear of being fired.

According to researchers, many older singles are not doing so well. We worry about maintaining social connections if we lose mobility.So intimacy is simply a term for letting yourself be closely known and experienced, even as you make an effort to deeply know and experience others.You can have intimacy with partners, friends, children, or siblings.Fear is a 1996 American psychological thriller film directed by James Foley and written by Christopher Crowe.It stars Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon, William Petersen, Alyssa Milano and Amy Brenneman.