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Valient Himself (Valient Thorr), MS Co-Founder Vince Neilstein and Former Hosts Chuck and Godless on The Metal Sucks Podcast 200th Episode!

This one is named after the Bond character Pussy Galore. 1498672797" / Monninger brings tube power for her bass heads by using an Ampeg SVT Classic (and another for backup) that powers a matching Ampeg 8x10 cab. 1498672816" / Nikki’s meat-and-potatoes pedalboard includes a Boss TU-3 Tuner, an Aguilar TLC Compressor, Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive, a ZVEX Wooly Mammoth, and a pair of Radial Engineering Pro DI Direct Boxes to feed FOH a dirty and clean signal.

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It wasn't so much that Hendrix was more technically accomplished than his peers.

He suffers from Bipolar disorder and takes medication for it.

He is known for his creativity, and has a knack for writing; expressing it by writing poems, stories, screenplays, and film scripts.