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You may decide to give away free memberships and run extensive marketing. Courtland brooks conducted a survey of 6 companies (Sales,,,, and who claim to sell active profiles.

The majority of the profile sellers refused to say where they get their profiles from and even became aggressive and left the chat when we tried to push the issue.

It's not just new sites that are using this practice but also existing ones that have seen their numbers drop and need to boost their membership. We thought we'd talk to some of the companies that sell profiles.

A- Order from us and install to your dating site database a few million members and then after that, order our dating traffic.

Of all of these providers, only one is worthy of any attention, But if you succumb to buy profiles you should only keep them on your site for 3-4 weeks in conjunction with a considerable advertising We DO recommend doing co-reg deals with other sites.

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