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Baby, it's over, we both know, let's go forward, I love you, but in a different way.

For example, one time, I said I was looking for an extremely serious relationship and was ready to have kids ASAP. If you're stuck on what to say in your dating app bio (like I am, most the time), then maybe some song lyrics will do the trick instead.

Styl-Plus (Olufunmi)Olufunmi Verse1When I said to you that I never want to love another woman girl it was true So true.But once you guys start messaging, you can play around and flirt about the power dynamic: “Actually, .”Plus, posting lyrics from the song could lead to a good opener.He might ask if you've seen that viral video of Justin Bieber attempting to sing “Despacito” in a club and flubbing all the lyrics.That's why I never want to love another woman That's why I know I'll never love another woman That's why I can never love another woman That's why…Bridge That's why when I think about you leaving I find myself grieving Though it seems deceiving I'm still believing girl you'll stay with me forever And I'll remain humbly kneeling while your heart is healing Tear drops revealing the way that I'm feeling girl please stay with me forever Chorus Styl Plus, T-Jazz, Joey, Mekoyo, Sunky. sherifalove me jeje, love me tender(playing the mouth organ)no long thing Me, i be Dbanjmy jamo friends den dey call me ski banji don get degree for womanolgyi don study the woman physionomy ah!View thousands of contemporary christian music lyrics by top Christian artists, bands and choirs.