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I realize this isn't art on a Magic card itself, but what do you think of the Grand Prix Indy playmat being given out?I'm not a woman, nor am I easily offended, but it's actually kind of offensive looking.John Cena Involved In A Car Accident → Less than two weeks before his epic “Once in a Lifetime” Match against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at , John Cena was involved in a car accident while traveling in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.The SUV he was traveling in was rear ended by a Honda Civic, which had been rear ended by a tractor trailer… → As WWE’s franchise star, John Cena rakes in a lot of money from Vince Mc Mahon‘s company.

She established Moving Collective, which selects choreographers to be presented in concerts that include dancers from the area.

While the game held audiences with bated breath throughout the first half, this was nothing compared to the fireworks going off court-side.

According to a source, the coaches could be seen making “rude facial expressions” at each other down the sidelines, complete with “mockery, hand gestures,” and a mumbled “na na na boo boo” from the Louisville bench during their short-lived lead.

The history between Louisville and Virginia is not one that reflects kindly upon the Kentucky team.

Virginia under Bennett is 4-1 against Pitino’s squad, a record bad enough that Pitino went as far as to call Virginia Louisville’s “kryptonite.” Leading up to the Monday night matchup, Pitino claimed after watching Virginia film he had finally figured out how to play us.