Dating recent referers are we dating or in a relationship

cz (157)gd (152)bsrtebac.(145)bdtyjryn.4(142)zftutukx.(142)cz (141)pl (139)srymnez.8(139)pl (138)cz (136) Ounce for ounce, there is no other substance on the face of the Earth that will more consistently produce as many hours of unabated flatulence than Kashi Go LEAN Crunch. My wife brought home a restaurant size box of Kashi from Costco thinking that it would resolve a “challenge” that I have had with Quakers Granola Cereal. Just so you know, the Granola Cereal “blast” rings around the Kashi.

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As I’ve just recently had to relocate a second time within a 6-month period, things have been chaotic. However, I’ll continue to post using whatever free hosts are available until a permanent fix is decided upon. EDIT 7/29/17 – You guys aren’t even clicking on the best vids of this batch!!

This stuff is the sort of thing the networked sites Scandal On Stage and Sex Fair Footage specialize in, by the way, if you’ve wondered where to find weekly portions of video & image content.

Most of that content comes from Erotic fairs (aka porn conventions), featuring female solo acts, plus getting guys from the audiences in on their acts. So first off a bachelor party stripper embarrasses & strips a guy in front of his female friends in vid one, & another bachelor party stripper strips birthday boy in front of women in video two.

I mean, check out the nutrition label, it speaks for itself!

I've done some research and evidently it's the chicory root that causes the gas.