Dns server is not updating

When you do an 'nslookup' on the SOA does it give the right answer?Pinging the SOA using 'nslookup' gives me a timeout.I have checked the event viewer logs for the DHCP and DNS server but nothing is present? Cause: The client, or its Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, does not support the use of the Domain Name System (DNS) dynamic update protocol.If anyone know how to diagnose and help me solve this problem that'd be very great helps. Check that your non-windows dhcp clients send out their hostname to the server.

dns server is not updating-86

Just let it ride until you're seeing id 2501 events in the DNS Server event logs.The domain registrar is Heart Internet and the client has provided me with an actual screenshot of the page showing that the (*, @, www) A records have indeed been pointed to my new server but I am seeing no change in any DNS records using various tools such as whatsmydns.The old and new servers are both running Ubuntu 12.You can approach this by manually forcing the clients to check in.You might be able to do this by tweaking some group policy settings, or by running a script to bulk "ipconfig /registerdns" on a bunch of clients.