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The wooden track would have been used to cross a boggy landscape and is believed to be from the early Bronze Age, said archaeologists... It was found when a walker stumbled across it last summer in a farmer's field near Scotter, north of Gainsborough... Details of henge on Pastscape Oval cropmark, diameter c.25 m of henge monument, class II, with opposed entrances known from JK St Joseph AP's BCG82-84. Neolithic flints from fieldwalking include cores and scrapers. Directions: North of the village of Kirton in Lindsey – along the B1400.

(3) Small sub-circular enclosure, known from cropmarks, situated at c 36.5m above OD.They are huge chocolate brown beasts with creamy white noses, fed on enriched grass and home-grown hay that he cuts by hand each summer.There is the theory behind the way in which he and his wife, Jane, live. “The moment I left and found myself in charge of my own destiny,” he says, “I knew I had to go back to the land.Police have been granted extra time to quiz the man arrested on suspicion of murdering 83-year-old dog walker Peter Wrighton, as forensic teams continue to search a number of locations around Norfolk.Nolan’s film provides a moving portrayal of the heroic actions of the crews of the 700 ‘Little Ships of Dunkirk’ who sailed to Dunkirk to rescue servicemen who were stranded on the beaches and in desperate need of deliverance from the advancing Axis armies.