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Viewers relished the all-access pass to the metal maniac’s domestic life, particularly because it was so weird.

Fans of the frequently-bleeped family understood from doddering Ozzy’s behavior that the mumbling Osbourne patriarch was out of his flipping mind.

What special quality did heavy metal stars have that inspired them to flock early on to reality TV?

With classic rock and heavy metal fading from airwaves and charts, reality television has helped revive the careers of some of metal’s most legendarily outrageous performers.

In both shows by the time you got down to the final 5 or 6 you were looking at some star talent but the choices of who won were more "who was right for the band. First prize should have been a record deal and a year touring backed by the house band.

Dave Navarro was a great judge and so was Tommy Lee until he started thinking about who wouldn't outshine him on stage. Marty, Jordis, Storm, Magni, Dilanna, Susie, etc... Independent music is better than most of the commercial garbage out there.

Sure, he and his Black Sabbath band mates boldly invented heavy metal in the 1960s, and yes, in the 1980s he shocked a room full of record label execs by biting off a dove’s head, but at home the henpecked Prince of Darkness was the butt of all jokes.

Osbourne whiled away the hours walking on a treadmill, cuddling his tiny dogs, and being generally befuddled by his sharp-minded manager-wife Sharon and their two spirited teens, Jack and Kelly.

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There’s also a small office/library with built-in bookshelves and French doors as well as a formal dining room where in listing photographs there appears to be a pool table instead of a dining room table.

Think American Idol but with talent and real music.

The problem with this show and it's predecessor, Rock Star INXS, wasn't in the talent of the contestants... The problem was in fact the mediocre bands that they were auditioning for.

The ideas of rockers being judges of the talent was brilliant but the idea of young talent touring with these Geritol rockers is kind of silly. The supernova season was Tommy Lee and 2 "I used to play with... This show should have continued without the bands...

Sorry to see that the first comment listed on the main page is a negative one. This is not like AI where the contestants are mostly amateurs.